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Suicidal Tendencies



(1981-1995, 1996-present)

Studio Albums:
Suicidal Tendencies *1983*   
Join the Army *1987*   
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today *1988*   
Lights...Camera...Revolution *1990*   
The Art of Rebellion *1992*   
Still Cyco After All These Years *1993*   
Suicidal for Life *1994*
Freedumb *1999*   
Free Your Soul... and Save My Mind *2000*   
13 *2013*   
World Gone Mad *2016*   

Boxed Set:
Original Album Classics *2011*

Controlled by Hatred / Feel like Shit... Deja Vu *1989*
Send Me Your Money *1990*
Six the Hard Way *1998*
Get Your Fight On! *2018*

Live at the Olympic Auditorium *2010*

Lights... Camera... Conversation *1990*
FNG *1992*
Prime Cuts *1997*
Lights Camera Revolution / The Art of Rebellion - The Back To Black Collection *2001*
Playlist: The Very Best of Suicidal Tendencies *2010*
No Mercy Fool! / The Suicidal Family *2010*
コレクション *2013*

Mike Muir   #  Vocals  |1981-present|

(Cyco Miko, Infectious Grooves, Los Cycos, No Mercy)
Dean Pleasants   #  Guitars  |1996-present|
(Infectious Grooves, Ugly Kid Joe)
Ra Díaz   #  Bass  |2016-present|
Dave Lombardo   #  Drums  |2016-present|

(Dead Cross, Fantômas, Grip Inc., Melvins, Slayer, Testament, Metal Allegiance, Metallica, Voodoocult, Escape, Pap Smear, Philm, Sabotage, Misfits)
Dave Nassie   #  Guitars
(Throwdown, The Innocent, Bleeding Through, Infectious Grooves, No Use for a Name)
Mike Dunnigan   #  Bass  |1981-1982|
(The Skoundrelz)
Carlos Egert   #  Drums  |1981|
Mike Ball   #  Guitars  |1981-1983|

(The Skoundrelz)
Louiche Mayorga   #  Bass  |1982-1987|
(Los Cycos, AgainST, Horny Toad, Luicidal, Agony, Uncle Slam)
Andrew Evans   #  Bass  |1982|
Sean Dunnigan   #  Drums  |1982|
Amery AWOL Smith   #  Drums  |1982-1983|

(The Brood, AgainST, Los Cycos, Uncle Slam, BS 2000, Leftöver Crack, Beastie Boys)
R. J. Herrera   #  Drums  |1983-1991|
(Uncle Slam, Horny Toad, Luicidal)
Jon Nelson   #  Guitars  |1983-1984|
(Shrapnel, The Brood, Nasty Habits, Jackie Lee Cochran, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Rick Battson   #  Guitars  |1983|
(Fydolla Ho)
Grant Estes   #  Guitars  |1983|
(Los Cycos, AgainST, Gang Of Love/Skin On Skin, Hostage)
Rocky George   #  Guitars  |1984-1995|
(Fishbone, Cro-Mags, Harley's War, 40 Cycle Hum, Pap Smear, Samsara)
Ric Clayton   #  Bass  |1987|
(No Mercy)
Bob Heathcote   #  Bass  |1987-1989|
(Los Cycos, Uncle Slam)
Mike Clark   #  Guitars  |1987-2012|
(Great Gods of Greed, No Mercy, Waking the Dead, Creeper)
Robert Trujillo   #  Bass  |1989-1995|
(Infectious Grooves, Metallica, Jerry Cantrell, Mass Mental, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Fydolla Ho)
Jimmy DeGrasso   #  Drums  |1992-1995|
(Killing Machine, F5, MD.45, Ratt, Megadeth, Ministry, Dokken, Alice Cooper, Black Star Riders, David Lee Roth, Fiona, Hail!, Mama's Boys, O'2L, Talas, White Lion, Y&T, Ronnie Montrose, Stone Sour)
Josh Paul   #  Bass  |1996-2002|
(Daughtry, Infectious Grooves)
Brooks Wackerman   #  Drums  |1996-2002|
(Avenged Sevenfold, Fear and the Nervous System, Hot Potty, Kidneys, Tenacious D, Infectious Grooves, Bad Religion, Bad4Good, Medication, The Innocent, The Vandals, Blink-182)
Steve Brunner   #  Bass  |2002-2012|
(Thundercat, Infectious Grooves)
Ron Bruner Jr.   #  Drums  |2002-2008|
Dave Hidalgo Jr.   #  Drums  |2008|

(Social Distortion)
Eric Moore   #  Drums  |2008-2014, 2014-2016|
(Lillake, T.R.A.M., Infectious Grooves)
Tim "Rawbiz" Williams   #  Bass  |2012-2014|
(Infectious Grooves)
Nico Santora   #  Guitars  |2012-2016|
(From the Throne, Lillake, RattBlack, The Faceless)
Michael Morgan   #  Bass  |2014-2016|
Thomas Pridgen   #  Drums  |2014|

(Omar Rodríguez-López, Pinnick Gales Pridgen, The Memorials, Christian Scott, Juliette Lewis, The Mars Volta, Trash Talk)
Jeff Pogan   #  Guitars  |2016-2018|
Ben Weinman   #  Guitar  |2018-present|
(Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, The Prodigy, The Dillinger Escape Plan)

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