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Studio Albums:
At Sixes and Sevens *2002*   
An Elixir for Existence *2004*   
Nine Destinies and a Downfall *2007*   
The 13th Floor *2009*   
The Enigma of Life *2011*   
Perils of the Deep Blue *2013*   
The Seventh Life Path *2015*   
Dim Days of Dolor *2016*   

Sirenian Shores *2004*

Morten Veland   #  Vocals (harsh, clean), Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Programming  >2001-present<
(Mortemia, Tristania, Elusive)
Jonathan A. Perez    #  Drums  >2003-present<
(Green Carnation, Carpathian Forest, Tristania, Trail of Tears)
Jan Erik Soltvedt    #  Guitars  >2011-present<
Emmanuelle Zoldan   #  Vocals  >2016-present<
Nils Courbaron    #  Guitars  >2018-present<
(Nils Courbaron's Project, T.A.N.K, Asylum Pyre, Lyr Drowning)
Kristian Gundersen    #  Guitars, Vocals (clean)  >2001-2004<
(New Breed, Elusive)
Hans Henrik Varland   #  Keyboards  >2001-2003<
(New Breed)
Pete Johansen   #  Violin  >2001-2003<
(The Scarr, Tristania, The Sins of Thy Beloved)
Henriette Bordvik   #  Vocals  >2002-2005<
(Abyssic, Asagraum, Tiamat, Lazy)
Bjørnar Landa   #  Guitars  >2004-2008<
(Faustian Dripfeed, Deathfare, Theatre of Tragedy, Artifact)
Monika Pedersen    #  Vocals  >2006-2007<
(Anachorete, Black Lodge, Sinphonia, The World State)
Michael S. Krumins   #  Guitars, Vocals (harsh)  >2008-2011<
(Green Carnation, Natt, Nutopia, Soxpan, Trail of Tears)
Ailyn   #  Vocals  >2008-2016<
(Melted Space, Débler, Charm)
Roland Navratil   #  Drums  >2004-2005, 2009, 2016<
(Dignity, Blue Thunder, Atrocity, Edenbridge, Leaves' Eyes, Free to Fly, Stormwarning)
Kristian Olav Torp   #  Bass  >2008<
Jon "The Charn" Rice   #  Drums  >2017-2018<
(Cephalic Carnage, Skeletonwitch, Austrian Death Machine, Scorpion Child, Job for a Cowboy, 1349, Abigail Williams, Behemoth, Revocation, The Red Chord, Crown the Lost, Sinning Is Our Savior)

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