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Studio Album:
Foul Taste of Freedom *1992* 
The Truth Hurts *1994* 
Contents Under Pressure *1996*
Pro-Pain *1997*
Act of God *1999*
Round 6 *2000*
Shreds of Dignity *2002*
Run for Cover *2003*
Fistful Of Hate *2004*
Prophets of Doom *2005*
Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade *2007*
No End in Sight *2008*
Absolute Power *2010*
Straight to the Dome *2012*
The Final Revolution *2013* 
Voice of Rebellion *2015*

Raw Video *2005*

Best of Pro-Pain *1998*
Best of Pro-Pain II *2005*
20 Years of Hardcore *2011*

Gary Meskil   #  Bass, Vocals  (1991-present)   Crumbsuckers, Darkhaus, 23rd Grade of Evil, Bad Blood, Disarray, Distorted, Gurd, PX-Pain, Undertow
Marshall Stephens (1977)   #  Guitars (2007-present)   Darkhaus
Adam Phillips (1980)   #  Guitars  (2011-present)   Crumbsuckers, Zuul Fx, Indorphine
Jonas Sanders (1987)   #  Drums  (2012-present)   Age of Torment, Dark Sensation, Emptiness, Absolutus, Eyes of the Insane, Vibrion, Zuul Fx, Resistance, Angel Crew, KomaH, Bloody Hands, Suicide of Demons, Zardens, The End of All Reason, Drakkar
Dan Richardson   #  Drums  (1991-1997)   Crumbsuckers, Medication, Life of Agony, Stereomud
Tom Klimchuck   #  Guitars  (1991-2011)   Crumbsuckers, M.O.D., Disarray, Generation Kill, Gurd
Daniel Wiener   #  Drums  (1994-1995)
Nick St. Denis   #  Guitars  (1994-1995)   Bizarro, Skinlab, Systematic
Mike Hollman   #  Guitars  (1994-1995)   Bizarro, Possessed
Rob Moschetti (1969)   #  Guitars  (1996-1998)   Generation Kill, Mutilation, Fragile Mortals, Full Scale Riot, M.O.D., Undivided, Hollow, Planet Piss
Dave Chavarri   #  Drums  (1997-1998)   Gothic Slam, Stryker, Ill Niño, Terror Universal, M.O.D., Merauder, Lääz Rockit, Cry for Liberty, Soulfly
Mike Hanzel   #  Drums  (1998)   Stryker, Nightcrawler, Point After, Generation Kill
Eric Matthews   #  Drums  (1999-2003)   Order 66, Red Giant, The Spudmonsters, Venomin James, Psycopath, Years of Fire, State of Conviction, Virgin Destroyers, The Alter Boys
Eric Klinger   #  Guitars  (1999-2007)   The Spudmonsters, Drop Dead, Built upon Frustration, Bloodclot!, Bullworth
Rich Ferjanic   #  Drums  (2003-2004)   Meatyard, Stagnated, Stagnated Corpse, Terror
J.C. Dwyer (1971)   #  Drums  (2004-2009)   Paingod, Raped Ape, JC Dwyer and the Blackbirds, The Ferocious Stones, Icarus Witch, The Mobile Homies, The Shrill, Bloody Mary
Rick Halverson   #  Drums  (2009-2012)   Narcotic Self, Cellador, Successor
Matt Sheridan   #  Guitars  (2016-present)

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