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Primal Fear



Studio Album:
Primal Fear *1998*
Jaws Of Death *1999*
Nuclear Fire *2001*
Black Sun *2002*
Devil's Ground *2004*
Seven Seals *2005*
New Religion *2007*
16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) *2009*
Unbreakable *2012*
Delivering the Black *2014*
Rulebreaker *2016*
Apocalypse *2018*

Live Album:
Live in the USA *2010*
Angels of Mercy: Live in Germany *2017*

Horrorscope *2001*

The History of Fear *2003*
16.6 All over the World *2010*

Metal Is Forever - The Very Best of Primal Fear *2006*
Best of Fear *2017*

Boxed Set:
Live in the USA / 16.6 All over the World *2010*
The Nuclear Blast Recordings *2018*

Mat Sinner   #  Bass, Vocals  (1997-present)   Goddess Shiva, Jorn, Kiske / Somerville, Level 10, Silent Force, Sinner, Mat Sinner, Voodoo Circle, Rick Renstrom, Scheepers, Cans
Tom Naumann   #  Guitars  (1997-2000, 2003-2007, 2015-present)   Sinner, Mat Sinner, Godiva
Ralf Scheepers ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (1997-present)   Blackwelder, Scheepers, F.B.I., Gamma Ray, Tyran' Pace
Magnus Karlsson   #  Guitars  (2008-present)   Kiske / Somerville, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, The Codex, The Ferrymen, Planet Alliance, Last Tribe, Midnight Sun, Starbreaker, Allen - Lande, Bob Catley, Scheepers
Alex Beyrodt   #  Guitars  (2011-present)   Jorn, Level 10, Missa Mercuria, Silent Force, Mat Sinner, The Sygnet, Wild Axes, Voodoo Circle, Sinner, Jaded Heart
Francesco Jovino  #  Drums  (2015-present)    Edge of Forever, Sinner, Voodoo Circle, Jorn, U.D.O., Hardline
Klaus Sperling   #  Drums  (1997-2003)   MP, My Darkest Hate, Donnerkopf, Insanity, Wasteland, Nitrogods, Freedom Call, Sinner, Mystic Prophecy, Saidian, Chinchilla
Stefan Leibing   #  Guitars  (1999-2008), Keyboards  (2003-2005)   Comedy Club, Dark Haze, Insanity, Wasteland
Henny Wolter   #  Guitars, Vocals  (2000-2003, 2007-2010)   Donnerkopf, Sweethard, Nitrogods, Sinner, Talon, Viva, Thunderhead, Fair Warning
Randy Black   #  Drums  (2003-2014)   Destruction, Duskmachine, Level 10, Deception, Annihilator, Rebellion, W.A.S.P.
Aquiles Priester  #  Drums  (2014-2015)   Aquiles Priester | Gustavo Carmo, Blackwelder, Freakeys, Hangar, Midas Fate, Fábio Laguna, Tony MacAlpine, W.A.S.P., Di'Anno, About 2 Crash, Angra, Barque of Dante, Noturnall, Paul Di'Anno, Spartacus, Almah, Edu Falaschi
Constantine  (Constantine Kotzamanis)   #  Guitars  (2012-2013)   Constantine, Descending, Nightfall, Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage

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