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Studio Album:
PowerWorld *2008*
Human Parasite *2010*   
Cybersteria *2013*   

Ilker Ersin   #  Bass  (2005-present)   Banderas, Freedom Call, Lanzer, Moon'Doc
Guido Gallus   #  Drums  (2011-present)   Heavenward, AngelInc, Centaur
Andreas Rippelmeier   #  Guitars  (2011-present)   Forceful, Heavenward, Mephisto, Amblaze, Jaded Heart, Michael Bormann
Marco Grasshoff   #  Keyboards  (2011-present)   Heavenward, Redrum, AngelInc
Michael Bormann   #  Vocals  (2011-2012, 2013-present)   Redrum, Silent Force, TAX, The Sygnet, Charade, High Voltage, Jürgen Blackmore, Rain, The Trophy, Zeno, Biss, Bloodbound, Letter X, 20th Century Boys, Bonfire, Jaded Heart
Barish Kepic   #  Guitars  (2005-2011)   Evidence One, Jaded Heart
Nils Neumann ​​​​​​​  #  Keyboards  (2005-2011)   Freedom Call, Gamma Ray
Chity Somapala   #  Vocals  (2005-?)   Red Circuit, Rekuiem, Avalon, Civilization One, Court Jester, David Shankle Group, Firewind, Ivanhoe, Power Quest, Domain, Moonlight Agony, Faro
Jürgen "Sledgehammer" Lucas ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (2006-2009)   At Vance
Steffen Brunner ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (2006-?)   Backbone
Simon-Michael Schmitt ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (2009-?)   Silverlane, The Rising Force, Subway to Sally
Achim Keller ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (2010-2011)   TwentyDarkSeven, Victory, Pump, Sanvoisen
† Andrew "Mac" McDermott   #  Vocals  (2010-2011)   Sargant Fury, Threshold, Yargos, Galloglass, Swamp Freaks
David Reece   #  Vocals  (2012-2013)   Gypsy Rose, Sircle of Silence, Ez Livin', Reece-Kronlund, Sainted Sinners, Accept, Malice, Sacred Child, Stream, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire, Dare Force, Reece, Tango Down

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