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(1983-2002, 2004-present)


Studio Album:
Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! *1985* 
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? *1986* 
So Far, So Good... So What! *1988* 
Rust in Peace *1990* 
Countdown to Extinction *1992* 
Youthanasia *1994* 
Cryptic Writings *1997* 
Risk *1999* 
The World Needs a Hero *2001* 
The System Has Failed *2004* 
United Abominations *2007* 
Endgame *2009* 
Th1rt3en *2011* 
Super Collider *2013* 
Dystopia *2016*

Live Album:
Rude Awakening *2002*
Unplugged in Philly *2004*
Unplugged in Boston *2006*
Countdown to Extinction: Live *2013*

Limited Edition! Megadeth Live *1992*
Cyberarmy Exclusive Tracks *1996*
Live Trax *1997*
Cryptic Sounds (No Voices in Your Head) *1998*
Breadline *2000*
Deep Cuts *2009*

Rusted Pieces *1991*
Exposure of a Dream *1992*
Evolver *1995*
Behind the Music (Extended Version) *2001*
Video Hits *2005*
Arsenal of Megadeth *2006*
That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires *2007*
Rust in Peace Live *2010*

Hidden Treasures *1995*
Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years *2000*
Still, Alive... and Well? *2002*
Greatest Hits: Back to the Start *2005*
Extended Versions *2007*
Anthology: Set the World Afire *2008*
Icon *2014*

Boxed Set:
Megabox Single Collection *1993*
The Originals *1997*
Hell Wasn't Built in a Day: The Complete Remasters *2004*
Warchest *2007*
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? *2011*
5 Classic Albums *2014*

David Ellefson (1964)   #  Bass  (1983-2002, 2010-present)   Altitudes & Attitude, David Ellefson, Knight Fury, Metal Allegiance, Temple of Brutality, Hail!, Angels of Babylon, Killing Machine, Soulfly, Tim Ripper Owens, F5, Fallen Angels
Dave Mustaine (1961)   #  Guitars, Vocals  (1983-2002, 2004-present)   MD.45, Metallica, Fallen Angels, Panic
Kiko Loureiro (1972)   #  Guitars  (2015-present)   Denison Fernandes, Kiko Loureiro, Neural Code, Angra, Tarja, Projeto Brasil Guitarras
Dirk Verbeuren (1975) Drums  (2016-present)   Abyssal Vortex, Bent Sea, Cadaver, Freya, Hespera, Phaze I, Pulse of Nebulae, Scarve, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Vetur, Withered Moon, Anaon, Nuclear Blast Allstars, Aborted, Anatomy of I, Headline, Mortuary, Phazm, Powermad, Soilwork, Solium Fatalis, Taliandörögd, Satyricon, Lyzanxia, Artsonic, Warrel Dane, Devin Townsend Project, Yyrkoon, One-Way Mirror, Stenval, 7th Circle, Akroma, Arbitrator, Area51, Arsafes, Colosso, Conspiracy, Create a Kill, Danzig, Eostenem, Fall, Freya, Heretic, Infinited Hate, Jeff Loomis, Kyle Morrison, Malevolence, Naglfar, Neverlight, No Return, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Sybreed, Synthetic
Dijon Carruthers (1963)   #  Drums  (1983)
Lee Rausch (1964)   #  Drums  (1983-1984)   Wargod, Dark Angel
Greg Handevidt (1965)   #  Guitars  (1983-1984)   Kublai Khan, Fallen Angels
Robert Cromwell   #  Guitars  (1983)   Forgotten Child, Fallen Angels
Brett Michael Phillips   #  Guitars  (1983)   Final Dawn
John Cyriis (João Campos) (1963)   #  Vocals  (1983)   Agent Steel, Black Reign, Lemegeton, Pontius Prophet, Sceptre, Stellar Seed, S.E.T.I., Abattoir, Medusa, Vermin, Malfeitor, Sanctuary, Toxik Shok
Lawrence "Lor" Kane   #  Vocals  (1983)
Gar Samuelson (1958-1999)   #  Drums  (1984-1987)   Fatal Opera, The New Yorkers
Chris Poland (1957)   #  Guitars  (1984-1987, 2004)   Chris Poland, Tourniquet, Damn the Machine, Ohm, OHMphrey, Circle Jerks, Mumbo's Brain, The New Yorkers
Chuck Behler (1965)   #  Drums  (1987-1989)   Erebus, Street Elite, Motor City Freaks, The Meanies, Madaxemen, Massacre
Jay Reynolds (1969)   #  Guitars  (1987)   Malice, Neverland, Metal Church
Jeff Young (1962)   #  Guitars  (1987-1989)   Jeff Young, Badi Assad, Black Widow
Nick Menza (1964-2016)   #  Drums  (1989-1998, 2004)   Rhoads, Von Skeletor, Marty Friedman, Memorain, Orphaned to Hatred, Atomic Disintegrator, Chodle's Trunk, Cold Fire, Deltanaut, Grand Theft, Menza, Mindstreem, OHM, Metal All Stars
Marty Friedman (1962)   #  Guitars  (1990-1999)   Marty Friedman, Metal Clone X, Takamiy, Cacophony, Hawaii, Aloha, Vixen, Deuce, Aikawa Nanase, FANTA, Jet Red, Lovefixer, Red Dye #2, Rock Fujiyama Band, Rocket to Russia, Ami Suzuki, Shining
Jimmy DeGrasso (1963)   #  Drums  (1998-2002)   Killing Machine, F5, MD.45, Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Dokken, Alice Cooper, Black Star Riders, David Lee Roth, Fiona, Hail!, Mama's Boys, O'2L, Ratt, Talas, White Lion, Y&T, Ronnie Montrose, Stone Sour
Al Pitrelli (1962)   #  Guitars  (2000-2002)   Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Widowmaker, Savatage, Van Helsing's Curse, O'2L, Alice Cooper, Asia, Blue Öyster Cult, CPR, Danger Danger, Flesh and Blood, Hotshot, Michael Bolton, Place Called Rage, Talas, Vertex
Jimmy Sloas   #  Bass  (2004)   Dogs of Peace, The Imperials
James MacDonough (1970)   #  Bass  (2004-2006)   Mad Axe, Prodigy, Iced Earth, Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, Brutal Assault, Delta 9, Invader
Shawn Drover (1966)   #  Drums  (2004-2014)   Act of Defiance, Eidolon, Hollentor, Infernäl Mäjesty, Bruiz
Vinnie Colaiuta (1956)   #  Drums  (2004)   Five Peace Band, Frank Zappa, Sting, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck
Glen Drover (1969)   #  Guitars  (2004-2008)   Castrofate, Eidolon, Hollentor, Sacrifice, Glen Drover, King Diamond, Testament, Queensrÿche
James LoMenzo (1959)   #  Bass  (2006-2010)   Killing Machine, Pride & Glory, Hail!, Sweet & Lynch, X Drive, Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, Rondinelli, David Lee Roth, Dio Disciples, Lynch Mob, Slash's Snakepit, White Lion, Ace Frehley
Chris Broderick (1970)   #  Guitars  (2008-2014)   Act of Defiance, Industrial Eden, Jag Panzer, Altitudes & Attitude, Ballistic, Nevermore
Kerry King (1964)   #  Guitars  (1984)   Slayer
Mike Albert   #  Guitars  (1985)   Mike Albert Project
Chris Adler (1972)   #  Drums  (2015-2016)   Burn the Priest, Lamb of God, Nitro, Blotted Science, Corrosion of Conformity, Calibra, Cry Havoc, El Tigre, EvilDeathInc., Exit-In, Grouser, Jettison Charlie
Tony Laureano (1973)    #  Drums  (2015-2016)   Insidious Disease, Naphobia, The Berzerker, Devil's Highway, Sanctification, Angelcorpse, Aurora Borealis, Brujeria, Devolution, Eulogy, Malevolent Creation, Nidingr, Nile, 1349, All That Remains, Belphegor, Dimmu Borgir, Kult ov Azazel, Nachtmystium, Skeletonwitch, The Black Dahlia Murder, Acheron, Astaroth, God Dethroned, Internecine

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