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Studio Album:
The Phoenix *2009*
Last Desire *2010*
Dangerous Diamonds *2011*
On Fire *2013*
Enfer (De la Bibliothèque Nationale) *2014*
Wine of Heaven *2017*

Alessio Spallarossa   &  Drums   Arca Hadian, Sadist, W.O.P., Deadness, Brain, The Famili, Morgana, Odyssea, Souldeceiver
Steve Vawamas   &  Bass  (2008-present)   Athlantis, Bellathrix, Angels in Black, Shadows of Steel, The Dogma, Tragedian, Odyssea
Pier Gonella   &  Guitars  (2008-present)   Athlantis, Necrodeath, Odyssea, Perseo Miranda, Vanexa, Verde Lauro, Wild Steel, Amazing Maze, Labÿrinth, Synthphonia Suprema, Bellathrix, Cadaveria, Cripple Bastards, Fogalord, Ghostrider, Necrodeath, Screaming Shadows, Stormwolf, Vexed
Giorgia Gueglio   &  Vocals  (2008-present)   Athlantis, Necrodeath, Odyssea
Alessandro Bissa   &  Drums  (2008-2012)   Scream, Tommy Vitaly, Silent Victory, A Perfect Day, Athlantis, Labÿrinth, Sound Storm, Vision Divine, Bad Faith, Angelize, Odyssea, Universal Mind Project
John Macaluso   &  Drums  (2012-2013)   Artlantica, Chris Caffery, John Macaluso & Union Radio, Labÿrinth, Masterlast, Stygia, Unwritten Pages, Ark, MCM, Stone Leaders, Alex Masi, HolyHell, Jorn, Magni Animi Viri, Powermad, Riot V, TNT, -Vitalij Kuprij, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Symphony X, Fool's Game, Holy Mother, Mullmuzzler, George Lynch, Indigo Dying, Starbreaker, Antonello Giliberto, Bastian, Creation's End, Eternal Flight, Michael Romeo, Nocturna A.D., Simone Fiorletta
Francesco La Rosa   &  Drums  (2013-?)   Athlantis, Denial, Extrema, Ultra-Violence, M-pire of Evil, Malombra, Spite Extreme Wing, Zørn, Thought Machine, Alice in Darkland, Janvs, Nova, Arca Hadian, Odyssea

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