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Studio Album:
Master *1990*  
On the Seventh Day God Created... Master *1991*  
Collection of Souls *1993*  
Faith Is in Season *1998*  
Let's Start a War *2002*
Unreleased 1985 Album *2003*  
The Spirit of the West *2004*
Four More Years of Terror *2005*
Slaves to Society *2007*  
The Human Machine *2010*  
The New Elite *2012*  
The Witchhunt *2013*  
An Epiphany of Hate *2016*  
Vindictive Miscreant *2018*

Live Album:
Live in Mexico City *2000*
Mangled Dehumanization *2016*
Live *2018*

Follow Your Savior *2001*

Live in Mexico City *2000*
Live Assault *2012*

Pieces *2003*
Command Your Fate - The Demo Collection *2017*

Paul Speckmann   #  Bass, Vocals  (1983-1984, 1985-1987, 1990-present)   Abomination, Cadaveric Poison, Death Strike, Johansson & Speckmann, Funeral Bitch, Martyr, Solutions, Speckmann Project, Walpurgisnacht, Krabathor, War Cry, Assault
Zdeněk Pradlovský    #  Drums  (2003-present)   Death Strike, Shaark, Urschullum, Kreyson, Vitacit, Chaos in Head
Alex "93" Nejezchleba   #  Guitars  (2003-present)   Death Strike, Shaark, Urschullum, Mamut
Harry Truman (Libor Lebánek  #  Drums   Bloody Lair, Martyr, Bad Face, Bethrayer, Krabathor, Shaark, Proscription
Steve Bailey  #  Drums   Angelcorpse, Monstrosity, Acheron, Execration
Bill Schmidt  #  Drums   Mayhem Inc., Diamond Rexx, War Cry
Sage Johnson   #  Drums   Exiled, Kill Command, Fall of Empyrean, Walpurgisnacht, Adversor, Eyes of Fire
James Polk   #  Drums
Aaron Nickeas   #  Drums   Abomination, Body Bag, Speckmann Project, Experiment
Jeff Kobie   #  Guitars
Jim Martinelli   #  Guitars   Burnt Offering, Speckmann Project, Torment
Michel Meeuwissen   #  Guitars   Crustacean, Crystal Lake, Acrostichon, Spina Bifida, Outburst
Sage Gonzales   #  Guitars   Blessedbethyname
Ronald Reagan (Petr Kryštof  #  Guitars   Krabathor, Martyr, Evil Incarnate, Monster
Jos van den Brand   #  Guitars   Acrostichon, Antropomorphia, Razend, Age of Agony, Outburst, Crustacean
Paul Masvidal   #  Guitars   Cynic, Portal, Onward with Love, Æon Spoke, Death, Seaweed, Death DTA
Richard Schouten   #  Guitars   Acrostichon, Robot Monster, Disembowel, Solutions, Black Melody, Crustacean, Spina Bifida, United Brains
Brian Brady   #  Guitars   Solutions, Abomination
Chris Mittleburn   #  Guitars   Iron Cross, Death Strike, Sindrome
Scott Natas   #  Guitars  (1983)   Not Us, Snake Dance
Ruston Grosse   #  Drums  (2008, 2014-present)   Surgeon, Sil Veth, Perverseraph, Brutality, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Woe, Hellwitch, Insatanity, Kult ov Azazel, Burden, Incaged, Time Is Like a Sword
Alex Bouks   #  Guitars  (2008-present)   Immolation, Ruinous, Goreaphobia, Rise to Offend, Funebrarum, Incantation
Jacob Shively   #  Guitars  (2015-present)   Dismemberment, Scum Guilt, Incantation, Acheron
Jim Roe   #  Drums   Mausoleum, Mr. Grim, The Primitive, Engorge, Disciples of Mockery, Goreaphobia, Incantation, Morbid Sin, Terror, Speed Kill Hate, Womb
Claudio Gielen   #  Drums  (2011)   Shattered Skull
Raphael Saini   #  Drums  (2012)   Cripple Bastards, Jaded Star, Abomination, Blu Infinito, Chaoswave, Machescazo, We Are Building Ruins, Misbelieving, Brutal Philosophy, Billybio, Corpsefucking Art, Emergency Gate, Iced Earth, One Machine, Visions of Atlantis, Abiura, Africani Sdronzi, Arythmia
VJS   #  Guitars  (2014)   Adaestuo, Demoncy, Nightbringer, Sargeist, Goreaphobia, Incursus, Tenebrous, Crimson Moon, Kult ov Azazel, Emptiness, Hexenwald
Daniel Gonzalez   #  Guitars  (2015)   Create a Kill, Gruesome, Possessed, Nailshitter, Occisas, Exhumed, Maruta
Patrick Shea   #  Guitars  (2016)   Titan

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