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Home » 2017 » September » 21 » Liquid Trio Experiment
Liquid Trio Experiment




(1998, 2008)

Studio Album:
Spontaneous Combustion *2007*  

Live Album:
When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago *2009*

Tony Levin   #  Bass, Chapman Stick   Bozzio Levin Stevens, Liquid Tension Experiment, California Guitar Trio, Levin Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Stick Men, Tony Levin, Aha, the Attack of the Green Slime Beast, Alice Cooper, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Andy Summers, Bruford Levin Upper Extremitie, King Crimson, L'Image, ProjeKct Four, ProjeKct One, ProjeKct Six, Spin 1ne 2wo, Claudio Baglioni, Paul Simon
Mike Portnoy   #  Drums   Metal Allegiance, Sons of Apollo, Transatlantic, John Arch, Inner Sanctum, Rising Power, Twisted Sister, Liquid Tension Experiment, Majesty, Flying Colors, The Winery Dogs, Yellow Matter Custard, Bigelf, Dream Theater, S.A. Adams, Fates Warning, John Petrucci, Overkill, Adrenaline Mob, OSI, Amazing Journey, Cygnus and the Sea Monsters, Hammer of the Gods, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour
Jordan Rudess   #  Keyboards   Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, Liquid Tension Experiment, Levin Minnemann Rudess, Vinnie Moore, Dixie Dregs
John Petrucci   #  Guitars   Dream Theater, John Petrucci, Liquid Tension Experiment, Majesty, Nightmare Cinema, G3

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