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Iced Earth




Studio Albums:
Iced Earth *1990*
Night of the Stormrider *1991*
Burnt Offerings *1995*
The Dark Saga *1996*
Something Wicked This Way Comes *1998*
Horror Show *2001*
Tribute to the Gods *2002*
The Glorious Burden *2004*
Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part 1 *2007*
The Crucible of Man - Something Wicked Part 2 *2008*
Dystopia *2011*
Plagues of Babylon *2014*
Incorruptible *2017*

Live Albums:
Alive in Athens *1999*
Festivals of the Wicked *2011*
Live in Ancient Kourion *2013*

Boxed Set:
Dark Genesis *2001*
Slave to the Dark *2008*
Box of the Wicked *2010*

The Melancholy E.P. *1999*
5 Songs *2011*
The Plagues EP *2013*

Gettysburg (1863) *2005*
Alive in Athens *2006*
Festivals of the Wicked *2011*

Days of Purgatory *1997*
The Blessed and the Damned *2004*
Enter the Realm of the Gods *2008*

Jon Schaffer   #  Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals  (1988-present)   Demons & Wizards, Sons of Liberty, Purgatory, The Rose
Brent Smedley   #  Drums  (1996-1997, 1998-1999, 2006-2013, 2015-present)   Sons of Liberty, Prodigy, Tempest Reign
Stu Block   #  Vocals  (2011-present)   Into Eternity, Omega Crom
Luke Appleton   #  Bass  (2012-present)   Absolva, Fury UK, Blaze Bayley
Jake Dreyer   #  Guitars  (2016-present)   Jake Dreyer, Witherfall, DeadRingers Guild, Kobra and the Lotus, White Wizzard, DeathRiders
Dave Abell     #  Bass  (1988-1996)   Knights of Tethys, Unearthed, Purgatory, The Harlot, Seventh Servant
Greg Seymour   #  Drums   (1988-1989)   Innersanctum, Sanctum, Purgatory
Randy Shawver   #  Guitars  (1988-1998)   Yuhrott, Alloyd Witch
Gene Adam   #  Vocals  (1988-1991)   Purgatory, Atomik Cocktail, Unearthed
Mike McGill   #  Drums  (1989-1991)
Richey Secchiari   #  Drums  (1991-1992)
John Greely   #  Vocals  (1991-1993)   Bloody Times, Seventh Servant, Avoiding X, Brutus, Chronic, Quazmodo, Razor's Edge, Synn, Tribunal
Rodney Beasley   #  Drums  (1992-1995)   Steel Angel
Matt Barlow   #  Vocals  (1993-2003, 2007-2011)   Ashes of Ares, Cauldron, First State Force Band, Sentinels, Pyramaze
Mark Prator   #  Drums  (1995-1996, 1997-1998)   Millenium, John Wesley, Ralph Santolla, Sebastian Bach, Autodrive
James MacDonough   #  Bass  (1996-2000, 2001-2004)   Mad Axe, Prodigy, Megadeth, Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, Brutal Assault, Delta 9, Invader
Keith Menser   #  Bass  (1996)   Delusion, Mystic-Force, Twilight Kingdom, Images of Eden, Perseverance, Treason
Larry Tarnowski   #  Guitars  (1998-2003)   Dreamscape
Richard Christy   #  Drums  (2000-2004)   Charred Walls of the Damned, Monument of Bones, Rick Renstrom, Burning Inside, Control Denied, Death, Boar Glue, Acheron, Demons & Wizards, Incantation, Wykked Wytch, Tiwanaku, Leash Law, Public Assassin, Caninus, Bung Dizeez, Syzygy
Tim Owens   #  Vocals  (2003-2007)   Beyond Fear, Charred Walls of the Damned, Killing Machine, Tim Ripper Owens, Brainicide, A New Revenge, Dio Disciples, Project Rock, Spirits of Fire, TRED, Judas Priest, Winters Bane, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Carthagods, Twist of Fate, British Steel, Hail!, Seattle, Soulbender, American Dog
Bobby Jarzombek   #  Drums  (2004-2006)   Arch / Matheos, Fates Warning, Halford, Painmuseum, Zierler, Spastic Ink, Happy Kitties, The Foundry, Juggernaut, Riot V, Rob Rock, Sebastian Bach, Blaze Bayley, John West, Cheap Evil, Dirty Water, Winterkat
James "Bo" Wallace   #  Bass  (2006-2007)   Ma Kelley
Tim Mills   #  Guitars  (2006-2007)   Civilization One, Elkie Brooks
Ernie Carletti   #  Guitars  (2006)   Ernie Carletti, Naughty Naughty, Slik Helvetika
Troy Seele   #  Guitars  (2007-2016)   Sons of Liberty, Ma Kelley, Sindacato, The Why Store
Freddie Vidales   #  Bass  (2008-2012)   Ashes of Ares, Sons of Liberty, Infusion
Raphael Saini   #  Drums  (2013)   Cripple Bastards, Jaded Star, Abomination, Blu Infinito, Chaoswave, Machescazo, We Are Building Ruins, Misbelieving, Brutal Philosophy, Corpsefucking Art, Emergency Gate, One Machine, Master, Visions of Atlantis, Abiura, Africani Sdronzi, Arythmia
Rick Risberg   #  Keyboards  (1999)   Opposite Earth
Ralph Santolla   #  Guitars  (2003-2004)   Hollow, Deicide, Memorain, Millenium, Obituary, Sebastian Bach, Toxik, Melechesh, Vital Remains, Death, Devil's Highway, Eyewitness, Ralph Santolla, Redscream, Serpent Seduced Eve, Stare
Dennis Hayes   #  Bass  (2007)   Beyond Fear, Charred Walls of the Damned, Seven Witches, Winters Bane, Wretch
Jon Dette   #  Drums  (2013-2015)   Impellitteri, Apocalypse, Animetal USA, Chaotic Realm, Evildead, HavocHate, Killing Machine, Meshiaak, Testament, Anthrax, Heathen, Metal Machine, Slayer, Terror, Temple of Brutality, Pushed

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