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Herman Frank




Studio Albums:
Loyal to None *2009*
Right in the Guts *2012*
The Devil Rides Out *2016*

Herman Frank  #  Guitars  <2008-present>
(Poison Sun, Victory, Hazzard, Moon'Doc, Accept, Pänzer, Sinner, The Element)
Rick Altzi  #  Vocals  <2011-present>
(At Vance, Frequency, Masterplan, Sandalinas, Gathering of Kings, Sanity, Thunderstone, Treasure Land)
Michael Müller  #  Bass  <2016-present>
(Jaded Heart)
André Hilgers  #  Drums  <2016-present>
(Silent Force, Nuclear Blast Allstars, The Sygnet, Axxis, Empire, Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Ninja, Rage, Razorback, Sinner, Vanize, Regicide, Mendacious Messiah, Noisehunter, Bourbon $treet)
Peter Pichl  #  Bass  <2008-?>
(Victory, Yargos, Running Wild, Weinhold, Nektar)
Stefan Schwarzmann  #  Drums  <2008-2010>
(Pänzer, Accept, Helloween, Krokus, Paradox, Running Wild, U.D.O., Voice, Cronos Titan, X-Wild, Godiva, Born Loosers, Canberra, Die Suicides)
Jioti Parcharidis  #  Vocals  <2008-2010>
(Victory, Ocquityn, Human Fortress, Hydrotoxin, Theodore Ziras, Chateau)
Michael Wolpers  #  Drums  <2011-?>
(FB1964, Victory, Running Wild)
Christos Mamalitsidis  #  Guitars  <2011-?>

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