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Fear Factory




Studio Album:
Soul of a New Machine *1992*   
Demanufacture *1995*   
Obsolete *1998*   
Digimortal *2001*   
Concrete *2002*   
Archetype *2004*   
Transgression *2005*   
Mechanize *2010*   
The Industrialist *2012*   
Genexus *2015*   

Fear Is the Mindkiller *1993*
Demanufacture *1995*
Remanufacture *1997*
The Gabber Mixes *1997*
Burn *1997*
Revolution *1998*
Resurrection *1998*
Cars *1999*
Live on the Sunset Strip *2005*
15 Years of Fear Tour *2006*

Digital Connectivity *2001*
Bite the Hand That Bleeds and Related Archetypal Imagery *2004*

Boxed Set:
The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1992-2001 *2012*

Remanufacture *1997*
Messiah *1999*
Hatefiles *2003*
The Best of Fear Factory *2006*

Dino Cazares   #  Guitars  (1990-2002, 2009-present), Vocals  (1990-2002)   Asesino, Divine Heresy, DieKlute, Jasta, Brujeria, Excruciating Terror, BodyBag, Hated... and Proud!, Roadrunner United, The Douche Lords
Burton C. Bell   #  Vocals  (1990-present)   Ministry, Ascension of the Watchers, Geezer, City of Fire
Mike Heller   #  Drums  (2012-present)  Azure Emote, Castrofate, Control/Resist, Excommunicated, Gorepunch, Malignancy, Raven, WretchedPain, World Under Blood, Zillah, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky, Disembowel, System Divide
Tony Campos   #  Bass, Vocals  (2015-present)   Asesino, Ministry, Cavalera Conspiracy, Attika 7, Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters, Max & Iggor Cavalera, Brujeria, Dia de los Muertos, Possessed, Prong, Soulfly, Agony, Attika, Static-X
Dave Gibney   #  Bass  (1990-1991)
Raymond Herrera   #  Drums, Percussion  (1990-2009)   Arkaea, Kush, Asesino, Brujeria, Phobia, Burn It All
Andy Romero   #  Bass  (1991-1992)
Andrew Shives   #  Bass  (1992-1993)   Lynx, Oblivion
Christian Olde Wolbers   #  Bass, Vocals  (1995-2002), Guitars  (2003-2009)   Asphyxia, Arkaea, Beowülf, Burn It All, Kush, PowerFlo, Sunflower Dead, Threat Signal, Cyclone, Roadrunner United
Byron Stroud   #  Bass, Vocals  (2003-2012)  Zimmers Hole, Caustic Thought, Strapping Young Lad, Tenet, City of Fire, Imonolith, Devin Townsend, Just Cause, 3 Inches of Blood, Fuel Injected .45, The Ani Kyd Band, Unit:187
Gene Hoglan   #  Drums  (2009-2012)   Dark Angel, Mechanism, Pitch Black Forecast, Testament, Zimmers Hole, Anthrax, Daemon, Meldrum, Strapping Young Lad, Tenet, Brendon Small, Dethklok, Death DTA, Devin Townsend, Just Cause, Memorain, Viking, Opeth, Unearth, Forbidden, Death, Wargod, Old Man's Child, The Almighty Punchdrunk, The Ani Kyd Band
Matt DeVries   #  Bass, Vocals  (2012-2015)   Chimaira, Nitro, Ringworm, Six Feet Under, Lamb of God, Unearth, Ascension, DescEnsioN
Reynor Diego   #  Keyboards  (1994-1995)
John Bechdel   #  Keyboards  (1998-2004)   Ministry, Ascension of the Watchers, Prong, Murder, Inc., Killing Joke
Tony Jelencovich   #  Vocals  (2012)   Commander, Death Destruction, Transport League, Icon in Me, C-187, B-Thong, Iron Shit Snakes, M.A.N., Angel Blake, Outshine, Mnemic
Jessie Sanchez   #  Bass  (2014)   Bonded by Blood, Circle of Violence, Warbringer, Black Oil, Holy Grail, Kauze

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