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Studio Album:
Change Direction *1997*
Wings of Time *1999*
Dreamland *2001*
Hidden Place *2003* 
Misplaced *2004* 
Different Shapes *2007* 
FrAme *2009* 
Momentum *2013* 
The Passage *2016*

Live Album:
Passing Stages: Live in Milan and Atlanta *2017*

Random Access Zone *1996*

Synthesis *2010*

Fabio Constantino   #  Drums  (1999-present)   Carnal Rapture, Astra
Andrea Arcangeli (1977)   #  Bass  (2003-present)   Hevidence, Noveria, Solisia, Concept, Airlines of Terror, River of Change, Thy Mortal Eyes, Trick or Treat
Simone Mularoni   #  Guitars  (2006-present)   Empyrios, Lalu, Lione/Conti, Anatomy of I, Ancient Bards, Anticlockwise, Arca Hadian, Asgard, At the Dawn, Azeroth, Chronos Zero, Dawn Under Eclipse, De la Muerte, Disease Illusion, Dumper, Earthcry, Elvenking, Embryo, Epysode, Eversin, Frozen Tears, Game Over, Great Master, Hell in the Club, Hortus Animae, Malnàtt, Max Pie, Neurasthenia, Noveria, Odyssea, OverMaster, Rain, Redemption, Secret Sphere, Silver Lake, SkeleToon, The Modern Age Slavery, Trick or Treat, Triosphere, Ultra-Violence, Wayne Calford
Emanuele Casali (1980)   #  Keyboards  (2006-present)   Astra, Empyrios, Noveria, Lunarsea, Max Pie, Novembre, Trick or Treat, Universal Mind Project
Mark Basile   #  Vocals  (2007-present)   Mind Key, Derdian, Earthcry, Ethernity, No Gravity, S&L, SkeleToon, Soul Secret, Trick or Treat, Vindictiv
Ingo Schwartz   #  Bass  (1996)   Schwartz, Thunder, Ulysses, Glory Hunter
Gianfranco Tassella   #  Drums  (1996-1997)   TIR
Diego Reali (1975)   #  Guitars  (1996-2006)   Hevidence, Earthcry, Mistheria, Noveria, Timestorm
Roberto Riccitelli   #  Keyboards  (1996)
Luciano Regoli   #  Vocals  (1996-1999)
Marco Marchiori   #  Bass  (1997-1999)
Maurizio Pariotti   #  Keyboards  (1997-2001)   Stormlord
Titta Tani (1970)   #  Vocals  (2001-2007)   Architects of Chaoz, Ashent, Forces United, Virtual Mind, Abstracta, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Daemonia, Ehfar, Astra, Dreamscape, Empty Tremor, Glory Hunter, Icycore, Necrophagia, Klessidra, New Goblin, Arthur Falcone' Stargazer, Dragonhammer, Kaledon, Mistheria, ProgressiveXperience, Takayoshi Ohmura
Fabio Sanges   #  Keyboards  (2003-2006)   Abstracta, Novembre
Marco Lanciotti   #  Drums  (2017)   Elvenking, Hell in the Club, Lione/Conti, Sacred Hell

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