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Black Sabbath


(1969-2006, 2011-2017)

Studio Album:
Black Sabbath *1970*
Paranoid *1970*
Master of Reality *1971*
Vol. 4 *1972*
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath *1973*
Sabotage *1975*
Technical Ecstasy *1976*
Never Say Die! *1978*
Heaven And Hell *1980*
Mob Rules *1981*
Born Again *1983*
Seventh Star *1986*
The Eternal Idol *1987*
Headless Cross *1989*
Tyr *1990*
Dehumanizer *1992*
Cross Purposes *1994*
Forbidden *1995*
13 *2013*

Paranoid *1971*
Snowblind *1972*
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Looking for Today / Sabbra Cadabra *1973*
Black Mass *1999*
The End *2016*

Live Album:
Live at Last *1980*
Live Evil *1982*
Reunion *1998*
Past Lives *2002*
Live at Hammersmith Odeon *2007*
Live... Gathered in Their Masses *2013*
The End - 4 February 2017 Birmingham *2017*

Club-Sonderauflage *1970*
The Best Of *1971*
Attention! Black Sabbath *1972*
Attention! Black Sabbath Volume 2 *1975*
Reflection *1975*
We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll *1975*
Paranoia *1976*
Star Gold *1976*
Greatest Hits *1977*
Rock Heavies *1978*
The Best: The Ultimate in Heavy Metal *1983*
Between Heaven and Hell *1985*
The Collector Series - The Collection *1985*
Blackest Sabbath / Black Sabbath 1970-1987 *1989*
Rock Giants *1990*
Backtrackin' *1991*
The Black Sabbath Story *1991*
The Ozzy Osbourne Years *1991*
Iron Man *1992*
The Gallery *1993*
Between Heaven & Hell: 1970-1983 *1995*
The Sabbath Stones *1996*
The Sabbath Collection *1996*
Under Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987 *1996*
The Collection *2000*
The Best of Black Sabbath *2000*
The Best of Black Sabbath *2001*
Rock Champions *2001*
Symptom of the Universe *2002*
Greatest Hits 1970–1978 *2006*
The Dio Years *2007*
Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits *2009*
The Ultimate Collection *2016*

Boxed Set:
Collection Vol.1 *1984*
Hand of Doom *1984*
The Sabbath Collection (Original) *1985*
The CD Collection *1988*
The Originals *1995*
The Singles *2000*
The Complete 70's Replica CD Collection 1970-1978 *2001*
Black Box (The Complete Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978) *2004*
The Rules of Hell *2008*
The Ozzy Years *2010*
The Vinyl Collection: 1970-1978 *2012*
The Complete Albums 1970-1978 *2014*
The Ten Year War *2017*
Supersonic Years *2018*

The Black Sabbath Story Volume I: 1970-1978 *1991*
The Black Sabbath Story Volume II: 1978-1992 *1992*
Never Say Die *1994*
Cross Purposes Live *1995*
The Last Supper *1999*
The Black Sabbath Story Volume One *2002*
The Black Sabbath Story Volume Two *2002*
Classic Albums: Paranoid *2010*
The End - 4 February 2017 Birmingham *2017*

Geezer Butler   #  Bass  (1969-1979, 1980-1984, 1987, 1991-1994, 1997-2006, 2011-2017)   Geezer, Geezer Butler Band, Heaven & Hell, Ozzy Osbourne, Rare Breed, The Ruums
Tony Iommi   #  Guitars  (1969-2006, 2011-2017)   Iommi, Heaven & Hell, WhoCares, Belch, Jethro Tull, Mythology, The Rest, The Rockin' Chevrolets, Velvett Fogg
Ozzy Osbourne   #  Vocals  (1969-1977, 1978-1979, 1997-2006, 2011-2017)   Ozzy Osbourne, Approach, Music Machine, Rare Breed
Bill Ward ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (1969-1980, 1983, 1984, 1994, 1997-2006, 2011-2012)    Bill Ward, Day of Errors, The Mezmerist, Max Havoc, Mythology, The Rest
Dave Walker ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (1977-1978)   Dave Walker Band, Fleetwood Mac, Humble Pie, Hungry Fighter, Mistress, Raven, Savoy Brown, The Idle Race, The Redcaps
Geoff Nicholls ​​​​​​​  #  Bass  (1979, 1987), Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars  (1979-2004)   Quartz, Tony Martin, Johnny Neal and the Starliners, The Boll Weevils, The Seed, World of Oz
Ronnie James Dio   #  Vocals  (1979-1982, 1991-1992)   Dio, Hear 'n Aid, Heaven & Hell, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Elf, Ronnie and the Redcaps, Ronnie and the Rumblers, Ronnie Dio and the Prophets, The Electric Elves, The Elves, The Vegas Kings
Craig Gruber   #  Bass  (1980)   Rainbow, Raven Lord, The Rods, Bible Black, ED3N, Elf, Zvekan, Gary Moore
Vinny Appice   #  Drums  (1980-1982, 1991-1992)   Dunsmuir, Last in Line, Martiria, Resurrection Kings, Serpent's Ride, Hear 'n Aid, Heaven & Hell, Appice, Erik Norlander, Kill Devil Hill, Minoru Niihara, Power Project, WWIII, Dio, 3 Legged Dogg, 9 Chambers, Axis, Circle of Tyrants, Lynch Mob, Dio Disciples
Bev Bevan ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (1983-1984, 1987)   Belch, Bev Bevan's Move, Carl Wayne and The Viking, Denny Laine and the Diplomats, Electric Light Orchestra, ELO Part II, The Bev Bevan Band, The Move
Ian Gillan ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (1983-1984)   Deep Purple, WhoCares, Ian Gillan, Episode Six, Garth Rockett and the Moonshiners, Gillan, Gillan & Glover, Ian Gillan Band, The Javelins
Jeff Fenholt   #  Vocals  (1984-1985)   Joshua Perahia, Geezer Butler Band, M.A.R.S., Rondinelli, Bible Black, ED3N
Dave Donato   #  Vocals  (1984)   Geezer Butler Band, White Tiger
Gordon Copley   #  Bass  (1985)   Lita Ford
Dave Spitz   #  Bass  (1985-1987)   Impellitteri, Stream, Americade, Great White, White Lion
Eric Singer   #  Drums  (1985-1987)   Stream, E.S.P., Kiss, Soul Station, Avantasia, Alice Cooper, Badlands, GlamNation, Shameless, Brian May, Gary Moore, Lita Ford, Paul Stanley
Glenn Hughes ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (1985-1986)   Voodoo Hill, Iommi, Black Country Communion, Glenn Hughes, Deep Purple, Erik Norlander, Heaven & Hell, -Brazen Abbot, California Breed, Finders Keepers, Gary Moore, Hughes Turner Project, Hughes/Thrall, Kings of Chaos, L.A. Blues Authority, Michael Men Project, Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus, Trapeze, Hank Davison, Ken Hensley
Bob Daisley   #  Bass  (1986)   Planet Alliance, Stream, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Dio, Broken Glass, Chicken Shack, Gary Moore, Kahvas Jute, Living Loud, Mecca, Mungo Jerry, Stan Webb Band, Uriah Heep, Widowmaker
Ray Gillen   #  Vocals  (1986-1987)   Rondinelli, Sun Red Sun, Badlands, Blue Murder
Jo Burt ​​​​​​​  #  Bass  (1987)   The Jo Burt Experience, Andy Scott's Sweet, Sector 27, Virginia Wolf
Tony Martin ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (1987-1991, 1992-1997)   Giuntini Project, The Cage, Tony Martin, Rondinelli, Silver Horses, Candlemass, Empire, Bailey's Comet, Blue Murder, Cozy Powell's Hammer, M3, The Alliance, The Bailey Brothers
Cozy Powell ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (1988-1991, 1994-1995)   Rainbow, Tony Martin, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Bedlam, Big Bertha, Brian May, Cozy Powell, Cozy Powell's Hammer, Emerson, Lake & Powell, Forcefield, Graham Bonnet & The Hooligans, Jeff Beck's Group, Michael Schenker Group, Pete York / Cozy Powell, Peter Green Splinter Group, Phenomena, The Ace Kefford Stand, The Snakes, The Sorcerers, Tipton, Entwistle and Powell, Whitesnake, Youngblood
Neil Murray ​​​​​​​  #  Bass  (1989-1990, 1994-1996)   Empire, Gogmagog, Rondinelli, Michael Schenker Group, Snakecharmer, The Fluffy Jackets’, Bow Wow, Tony Martin, Badlands, Brian May, Colosseum II, Company of Snakes, Cozy Powell's Hammer, Driveshaft, Fastway, Gary Moore, Gilgamesh, Graham Bonnet, M3, National Health, Phenomena, The Brian May Band, Whitesnake, Queen + Paul Rodgers
Bobby Rondinelli   #  Drums  (1993-1994, 1995)   Axel Rudi Pell, Warlock, Rondinelli, Sun Red Sun, Over the Rainbow, The Lizards, Doro, Quiet Riot, Rainbow, Riot V, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Bonnie Tyler
Gerald "Jezz" Woodruffe ​​​​​​​  #  Keyboards  (1975-1977)   Geezer Butler Band, Robert Plant
Terry Chimes ​​​​​​​  #  Drums  (1987-1988)   Cowboys International, Generation X, Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, The Cherry Bombz, The Clash
Rob Halford ​​​​​​​  #  Vocals  (1992, 2004)   Halford, Judas Priest, Fight, Hear 'n Aid, 2wo, Abraxas, Athens Wood, Hiroshima, Lord Lucifer, Thark
Mike Bordin   #  Drums  (1997)   Faith No More, Black Label Society, Jerry Cantrell, Ozzy Osbourne, EZ-Street, Pop-O-Pies, Korn
Shannon Larkin   #  Drums  (1997)   Wrathchild America, Another Animal, Blue Cross Band, Godsmack, Ugly Kid Joe, Souls at Zero, Amen, Candlebox, Kiddie Porn, M.F. Pitbulls, Snot
Adam Wakeman ​​​​​​​  #  Keyboards, Guitars  (2004-2006, 2011-2017)   Headspace, Ozzy Osbourne, Adam Wakeman, Rick & Adam Wakeman, Snakecharmer, Travis, Will Young
Tommy Clufetos   #  Drums  (2012-2017)   Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, John 5, Lesley Roy, Rob Zombie, Ted Nugent, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

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