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Studio Album:
Armour *2009*

Sonichouse Tape *2007*
孤独のウォリアー (Kodoku no Warrior) *2008*
Sonichouse Tape (Chinese Invasion) *2008*
Blitzkrieg Warrior *2008*
The Sonichouse Tapes (American Invasion) *2009*
Live Crime *2009*
Can't Resist Your Spell / Hellfire *2009*
Sonichouse Tape Bolivian Invasion *2010*
The Sonichouse Tapes (American Invasion) *2010*
Sonichouse Tape Siamese Invasion *2011*
Death Threat / No Heaven *2013

The Sonichouse Tapes *2008*
Liquid Metal Decade *2017*

Pete "Sixshooter" Talker   #  Bass   Satanic Warmaster
Johnny River   #  Drums
Mike "Aor Jumala" Slutz   #  Guitars   Skullcrusher
Vince "Werewolf" Venom   #  Vocals, Guitars  (2006-2016)   Heavy Cross, Infernal Darkness, Krüel Kömmando, Orlok, Satanael, Satanic Warmaster, The True Werwolf, Vritrahn-Werwolf, White Death, Warloghe, Blasphemous Evil, Blutrache, Incriminated, Pest, Shatargat, Skullcrusher, Bestial Noise, Knife, Vomitfago, Horna, Krieg, Mental Terror, Goatmoon
Jake "The Goat" Spring   #  Drums   Dreadful Relic, Goatmoon, Usva, Bare Feet Beggar, Uskonrauha, Ride for Revenge
John Keu   #  Drums   Pitbull Terrorist, Stam1na, Tuska20, WÖYH!, Nakki, Royal Max, Royal Max 2, Sojottava Keppi
Rusty Savage   #  Bass, Vocals  (2016)   Death Vanish, Lustrum, One Master, Fatalism
Dirk Funk   #  Drums  (2016)   Disanimator, Entierro, Nightbitch, One Master
Wallace Thrasher   #  Guitars  (2016)   Disanimator, Ipsissimus, Nightbitch, Catalyst, One Master, Profanatica, Hour of Thirteen, Capharnaum

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