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Amon Amarth




Studio Album:
Once Sent from the Golden Hall *1998*  
The Avenger *1999*  
The Crusher *2001*  
Versus the World *2002*  
Fate of Norns *2004*  
With Oden on Our Side *2006*  
Twilight of the Thunder God *2008*  
Surtur Rising *2011*  
Deceiver of the Gods *2013*  
Jomsviking *2016*

Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds *1996
Under the Influence *2013*

Wrath of the Norsemen *2006*
Live at La Laiterie *2016*

Live Album:
The Pursuit of Vikings: 25 Years in the Eye of the Storm *2018*

Hymns to the Rising Sun *2010*

Boxed Set:
The Re-issues *2009*

Ted Lundström   #  Bass  (1992-present)   Scum, Eternal Oath
Olavi Mikkonen   #  Guitars  (1992-present)   Scum
Johan Hegg   #  Vocals  (1992-present)   Scum
Johan Söderberg   #  Guitars  (1998-present)
Jocke Wallgren   #  Drums  (2016-present)   Astrophobos, October Tide, Valkyrja, Detonator, Ofermod, Ondskapt, Morito Ergo Sum, Vituperation
Niko Kaukinen   #  Drums  (1992-1996)   Scum, Cruel Solitude, Same as Last Street, Dark Funeral, Grimner, Ahriman, Pungsvett, The Jinx
Anders Hansson   #  Guitars  (1992-1998)   Gods Forsaken, Just Before Dawn, Blood Mortized, Scum, Pathalog
Martin Lopez   #  Drums  (1996-1998)   Fifth to Infinity, Eternal, Soen, Opeth, Requiem Aeternam, Vinterkrig
Fredrik Andersson   #  Drums  (1998-2015)   A Canorous Quintet, Netherbird, This Ending, Curriculum Mortis, The Plague, Therion, Guidance of Sin
Johan Bergebäck   #  Guitars  (2003)   Necrophobic, Ordo Inferus, Morpheus, Black Trip, Exhumed, Nifelheim, VOJD, Dismember

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