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Power Metal
MasterOfMetalДата: Saturday, 13/01/18, 08:42 | Сообщение # 1
Big Boss
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  A Sound of Thunder
Alkemyst  (France)
  Alpha Tiger
Anarion  (Australia)
Angra  (Brazil)
  Arctic Flame
Ari Koivunen  (Finland)
Arryan Path (Arrayan Path)  (Cyprus)
  Ashes of Ares
  Balance Of Power
Barque of Dante  (China)
  Beast In Black
  Beyond the Katakomb
Blackwelder  (USA)
Black Abyss  (Germany)
  Black Majesty
  Black Sweet
Blazon Stone  (Sweden)
  Blind Guardian
Bloodbound  (Sweden)
  Burning Witches
Cage  (USA)
Celesty  (Finland)
Cellador  (USA)
Children Of Bodom  (Finland)
Circle II Circle  (USA)
Civil War  (Sweden)
Cloudscape  (Sweden)
Commandment  (USA)
  Conjuring Fate
  Conquest (W. Angel's Conquest)
  Crying Steel
  Cryonic Temple
Crystal Eyes  (Sweden)
Crystal Tears  (Greece)
Dark At Dawn  (Germany)
  Dark Moor
David Shankle Group  (USA)
  Daydream XI
Divinefire  (Sweden)
Domine  (Italy)
Dragonsclaw  (Australia)
  Dream Evil
  Dream Master
Dungeon  (Australia)
Edguy  (Germany)
Eldritch  (Italy)
Emerald Edge  (Germany)
Epica  (Netherlands)
Fireland  (Chile)
Fires Of Babylon  (USA)
Flyin' Freak  (Spain)
Freedom Call  (Germany)
  Frozen Crown
Gaia Epicus  (Norway)
Galneryus  (Japan)
Gloryhammer  (UK)
Grave Digger  (Germany)
  Great Master
Gunfire  (Italy)
HammerFall  (Sweden)
Heavens Gate  (Germany)
Helloween  (Germany)
Hevisaurus  (Finland)
Ibridoma  (Italy)
Iced Earth  (USA)
Ignitor  (USA)
InnerWish  (Greece)
  Iron Angel
  Iron Fire
Jag Panzer  (USA)
Kamelot  (USA)
Kotipelto  (Finland)
Lancer  (Sweden)
  Last Empire
  Lion's Share
Lord  (Australia)
  Lizzy Borden
  Magic Kingdom
Magician  (Brazil)
Majesty  (Germany)
Manigance  (France)
Manilla Road  (USA)
  Memorized Dreams
Metal Church  (USA)
Mob Rules  (Germany)
Morgana Lefay  (Sweden)
  Mystic Prophecy
Nocturnal Rites  (Sweden)
Nostradameus  (Sweden)
Pegazus  (Australia)
Powerglove  (USA)
Primal Fear  (Germany)
Revoltons  (Italy)
  Revolution Renaissance
Ring Of Fire  (USA)
Riot  (USA)
  Ross The Boss
Sabaton  (Sweden)
  Sacred Oath
  Savage Grace
  Savage Messiah
     Serious Black
Seventh Avenue  (Germany)
  Shatter Messiah
  Signum Regis
Silent Voices (Finland)
  Silent Winter
Sonata Arctica  (Finland)
  Steel Prophet
  Steel Raiser
Stratovarius  (Finland)
Symphonity (Czech Republick)
  The Codex
  The Dark Element
Thunderstone  (Finland)
Tribuzy  (Brazil)
Twilightning  (Finland)
Unisonic  (Germany)
  Unleash The Archers
Victorius  (Germany)
Virtuocity  (Finland)
Vision Divine  (Italy)
Warrant  (Germany)
  When The Empire Falls
  Wind Rose
  Wings Of Destiny
Xandria  (Germany)
Forum » By Genres » P<>P » Power Metal
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