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MasterOfMetalДата: Wednesday, 08/11/17, 06:05 | Сообщение # 1
Big Boss
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A Sound of Thunder  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Hard Rock)
Act Of Defiance  (Thrash Metal)
Adrenaline Mob  (Heavy Metal / Groove Metal)
Aghora  (Progressive Metal / Jazz Fusion)
Agnostic Front  (Hardcore And Crust / Crossover Thrash)
Albion  (Power Metal)
All Kings Fall  (Groove Metal)
Allen-Lande  (Heavy Metal)
American Head Charge  (Nu Metal / Alternative Metal)
Ancient Empire  (Heavy Metal)
Anthrax  (Groove Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal / Alternative Metal / Heavy Metal)
Arctic Flame  (Power Metal)
Ashes of Ares  (Progressive Metal / Power Metal)
Aviations  (Progressive Metal)
Battlecry  (Heavy Metal)
Blackwelder  (Power Metal)
Black Label Society  (Heavy Metal)
Black Thorn Halo  (Thrash / Groove Metal)
Cage  (Power Metal / Heavy Metal)
Cellador  (Power Metal)
Chemicaust  (Death Metal / Thrash Metal)
Circle II Circle  (Progressive Power Metal)
Commandment  (Power Metal)
Control Denied  (Progressive Metal)
Create a Kill  (Death Metal / Thrash Metal)
Creation's End  (Progressive Metal)
Damn Yankees  (Hard Rock)
Danzig  (Heavy Metal / Industrial Metal / Hard Rock)
David Shankle Group  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Shred)
David T. Chastain  (Progressive Metal / Heavy Metal / Neoclassical Metal)
Deadsy  (Alternative Metal / Industrial Metal)
Death Angel  (Thrash Metal)
Death Ray Vision  (Hardcore Punk / Thrash Metal)
Dekapitator  (Thrash Metal)
Dream Theater  (Progressive Metal)
Echoterra  (Symphonic Heavy Metal)
Exmortus  (Melodic Thrash Metal / Death Metal)
Fear Factory  (Groove Metal / Industrial Metal / Death Metal)
Fires Of Babylon  (Power Metal)
Flametal  (Flamenco Metal)
Flotsam And Jetsam  (Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal, Groove Metal)
Flying Colors  (Progressive Rock)
For Today  (Metalcore)
Giant Squid  (Progressive Rock / Post-Metal / Doom Metal)
Grip Inc.  (Groove Metal)
Halloween  (Heavy Metal)
Hatchet  (Thrash Metal)
Hatebreed  (Metalcore / Hardcore And Crust)
Havok  (Thrash Metal)
Heathen  (Thrash Metal / Technical Speed Metal)
Hunter-Killer  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Hyro Da Hero  (Rap Metal)
Iced Earth  (Thrash Metal / Power Metal)
Ignitor  (Power Metal)
Impellitteri  (Heavy Metal / Shred)
Infectious Grooves  (Groove Metal / Crossover Thrash / Funk Metal)
Incite  (Groove Metal / Thrash Metal)
Jag Panzer  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Jamilya  (Melodic Metal)
Jason Becker  (Neoclassical Metal)
John Petrucci  (Progressive Metal)
Kamelot  (Progressive Metal / Symphonic Metal / Power Metal)
Kill Devil Hill  (Heavy Metal)
Killswitch Engage  (Metalcore)
Last Empire  (Power Metal / Progressive Metal)
Last in Line  (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Leash Law  (Heavy Metal)
Level 10  (Melodic Heavy Metal)
Liquid Tension Experiment  (Progressive Metal)
Liquid Trio Experiment  (Progressive Rock)
Lizzy Borden  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Lords of the Trident  (Heavy Metal)
Machine Head  (Groove Metal / Nu Metal / Thrash Metal)
Magellan  (Heavy Prog)
Manilla Road  (Epic Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Master  (Death Metal / Thrash Metal)
Mastodon  (Progressive Metal))
Mechina  (Symphonic Metal / Industrial Metal)
Megadeth  (Heavy Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal)
Metal Church  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Metallica  (Thrash Metal)
Michael Angelo Batio  (Neoclassical Metal / Shred)
Mindforce  (Crossover Thrash / Hardcore)
Molly Hatchet  (Hard Rock)
Mothership  (Stoner Metal)
Motor Sister  (Hard Rock)
Murdock 13  (Heavy Metal)
Night Demon  (Heavy Metal)
NorthTale  (Power Metal)
Once Human  (Groove Metal)
OSI  (Progressive Metal)
Overkill  (Thrash Metal / Groove Metal)
Pantera  (Glam Metal / Heavy Metal / Groove Metal)
Pentakill  (Power Metal)
Periphery (Metalcore / Progressive Metal)
Phantom Blue  (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Planet X  (Progressive Metal / Shred)
Platypus  (Progressive Metal)
Powerglove  (Power Metal / Progressive Metal)
Presto Ballet  (Progressive Metal)
Pro-Pain  (Groove Metal / Thrash Metal / Hardcore)
Prong  (Groove Metal / Industrial Metal / Crossover Thrash)
Prototype  (Progressive Metal)
Queensrÿche  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Progressive Metal / Hard Rock)
Ring Of Fire  (Power Metal / Progressive Metal)
Riot  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Ross The Boss  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Sacred Oath  (Power Metal)
Savage Grace  (Speed Metal)
Saviour Machine  (Gothic Metal)
Serious Black  (Power Metal)
Sevendust  (Alternative Metal / Nu Metal)
ShadowStrike  (Symphonic Power Metal)
Shatter Messiah  (Thrash Metal / Power Metal)
Silent Civilian  (Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal / Groove Metal)
Sons Of Apollo  (Progressive Metal)
Soulfly  (Nu-Metal / Groove Metal / Thrash Metal / Death Metal)
Starkill  (Symphonic Metal / Melodic Death Metal / Power Metal)
Steel Prophet  (Power Metal)
Suicidal Tendencies  (Crossover Thrash / Hardcore Punk)
Symphony X  (Progressive Power Metal)
Texas Hippie Coalition  (Groove Metal / Southern Metal / Hard Rock)
The Jelly Jam  (Progressive Metal)
The Sword  (Stoner Metal)
Thought Chamber  (Progressive Metal)
Threering  (Heavy Metal)
Tiles  (Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal)
Tim Ripper Owens  (Heavy Metal)
Tourniquet  (Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra  (Symphonic Metal)
Trivium  (Metalcore / Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal)
Type O Negative  (Gothic Metal / Doom Metal)
Tyranny of Hours  (Symphonic Power Metal / Progressive Metal)
Vinnie Moore  (Neoclassical Metal)
W.A.S.P.  (Heavy Metal)
Walls Of Jericho  (Metalcore)
Warbringer  (Thrash Metal)
Warrel Dane  (Progressive Metal / Groove Metal)
Wild Horses  (Hard Rock)
Winger  (Glam Metal / Hard Rock)
Witch  (Stoner Metal / Doom Metal / Heavy Psych)
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