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MasterOfMetalДата: Monday, 30/10/17, 18:30 | Сообщение # 1
Big Boss
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  (Power Metal)
Accept  (Heavy Metal)
Aeternitas  (Gothic Metal / Symphonic Metal)
Almanac  (Symphonic Power Metal)
Alpha Tiger  (Power Metal)
Arrest  (Heavy Metal)
Assassin  (Thrash Metal)
Avantasia  (Symphonic Power Metal)
Averblack  (Heavy Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell  (Heavy Metal)
Axxis  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Beyond The Black  (Symphonic Metal)
Black Abyss  (Power Metal, Thrash Metal)
Blind Guardian  (Speed Metal / Power Metal)
Bonfire  (Hard Rock / Melodic Heavy Metal)
Brainstorm  (Power Metal)
C.L. Anger  (Melodic Power Metal)
Caliban  (Metalcore)
Coronatus  (Gothic Metal)
Crematory  (Gothic Metal / Death Metal / Industrial Metal)
Custard  (Power Metal)
Dark At Dawn  (Power Metal)
Depressive Age  (Thrash Metal)
Diabolos Dust  (Heavy Metal)
Dissorted  (Melodic Thrash Metal)
Domain  (Power Metal / Hard Rock)
Dust Bolt  (Thrash Metal)
Edguy  (Power Metal)
Equilibrium  (Folk Metal)
Emerald Edge  (Progressive Metal / Power Metal)
Exumer  (Thrash Metal)
Eyes Of Eden  (Gothic Metal)
Fall Of Serenity  (Melodic Death Metal)
Freedom Call  (Power Metal)
Gloryful  (Power Metal)
Grailknights  (Melodic Death Metal / Power Metal)
Grave Digger  (Power Metal / Heavy Metal / Speed Metal)
Haggard  (Symphonic Metal)
Headhunter  (Thrash Metal / Power Metal)
Heavatar  (Power Metal)
Heaven's Trail  (Melodic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Heavens Gate  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Helloween  (Power Metal / Speed Metal)
Herman Frank  (Heavy Metal)
Human Zoo  (Melodic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Infinity's Call  (Melodic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Iron Angel  (Power Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal)
Kissin' Dynamite  (Heavy Metal)
Kreator  (Thrash Metal)
Leaves' Eyes  (Symphonic Metal)
Level 10  (Melodic Heavy Metal)
Leviathan  (Progressive Melodic Death Metal)
Majesty  (Power Metal)
Metal Inquisitor  (Heavy Metal)
Metalforce  (Heavy Metal)
Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock  (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal)
Mob Rules  (Melodic Power Metal)
Mortal Infinity  (Thrash Metal)
Moshquito  (Thrash Metal)
Motorjesus  (Heavy Metal / Stoner Metal / Hard Rock)
Mystic Prophecy  (Power Metal / Thrash Metal / Speed Metal)
Neopera  (Symphonic Metal)
Paradox  (Thrash Metal / Power Metal / Speed Metal)
Powerwolf  (Power Metal)
PowerWorld  (Melodic Power Metal)
Primal Fear  (Speed Metal / Power Metal)
Ra's Dawn  (Progressive Metal)
Radiant  (Hard Rock / Melodic Heavy Metal)
Razorback  (Heavy Metal)
Reaper  (Heavy Metal)
Rebellion  (Power Metal / Heavy Metal)
Redkey  (Power Metal)
Rough Silk  (Melodic Power Metal)
Sacred Steel  (Epic Power Metal)
Saintsbleed  (Heavy Metal)
Scorpions  (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Serious Black  (Power Metal)
Seventh Avenue  (Speed Metal / Power Metal)
Sodom  (Black Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal)
Steel Engraved  (Heavy Metal)
StormHammer  (Power Metal)
StormWarrior  (Power Metal)
Stormwitch  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Symphorce  (Power Metal)
The Vision Bleak  (Gothic Metal)
Thornbridge  (Power Metal)
Tomorrow's Eve  (Progressive Metal)
Torian  (Power Metal)
Tyson  (Hardcore / Metalcore / Groove Metal / Thrash Metal)
U.D.O.  (Heavy Metal)
Unisonic  (Power Metal / Hard Rock)
Vanden Plas  (Progressive Metal)
Vendetta  (Thrash Metal)
Veritates  (Heavy Metal / Power Metal)
Victorius  (Power Metal)
Victory  (Heavy Metal)
Warpath  (Thrash Metal)
Warrant  (Speed Metal / Power Metal)
Wizard  (Epic Power Metal)
Xandria  (Symphonic Metal)
Forum » By Countries » G<->G » Germany
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